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Dust collectors PFM and PFV are made from steel structure, which is assembled modularly. With two dust collectors sizes, PFM (small) and PFV (large), we assemble desired dust collector with flux from 2400mˆ3/h to 43000mˆ3/h. 

Non-purified air first enters in the cabin and then in the lower part of the housing, where the speed drops significantly. Because of the sudden change of speed heavier parts fall in the container. The air is finally cleaned through the cartridges and exits through the fan.

The container is attached to the housing with quick grips, so that the removing of the can can be as quick as possible. The container has wheels and lifting bracket for easy emptying of the container.

Attaching of the cartridge is made by twist lock flange. This enables effective sealing of dust collector. Cleaning of cartridges is made by air pulses through air accumulator and collecting tubes. For automatic blowing there is electronic programmer, which regulates the frequency of blow-out according to the dirtiness of cartridges.


Advantages of PFM and PFV dust collectors compared to PF dust collectors

PFM and PFV dust collectors:

  • Have modern design, which is reflected in greater efficiency and lower price.
  • Have larger opening below, which enables lower version of funnel.
  • Air enters through inlet cabin and then the majority of the air is directed towards funnel.
  • They take up less space.
  • Enable optimal airflow, as the distances between the cartridges are bigger. This enables bigger efficiency of dust collector.
  • Cartridges have larger filtering area 16 m2 (PF dust collectors have 10 m2).
  • Have possibility of washing the cartridges, which extends lifetime of cartridges.
  • Have "twist lock" system, which enables faster change of cartridges.
  • Blow-off of cartridges is performed without venturi nozzles. This means decreased pressure difference and power consumption.
  • Don't need additional construction, as the fan is integrated on the top of dust collector or below.


    • Dust collector cartridges (temperature resistant, moisture resistant,...)
    • Absolute dust collector for additional cleaning of the air that we intend to let in the surroundings.
    • Fan silencer, mounted on fan exit, lowering of the noise for approx. 2 - 3 dBa
    • Heating of valves, in case of installing dust collector at temperatures below zero
    • Frequency converter for fan, smart energy saving
    • Anti-noise protection, reducing noise for approx. 2 - 3 dBa
    • Mechanical differential manometer, display of pressure value in the dust collector
    • Blow-off programmer with differential pressure gauge (automatic regulation of the dust collector cartridges' blowing-off according to saturation)
    • Tipping container, which has base for removal by fork lift and tipping mechanism
    • Reduction of dust at the outlet of dust collector (dust on the outlet is mas 2 mg/m3)
    • Dust gauge at the outlet of dust collector (warning or alarm when exceeding normal values)
    • Smart differential pressure gauge (automatic regulation of the dust collector cartridges' blowing-off according to saturation, warning appears when the dust collector cartridges must be changed, prediction of time for changing the cartridges)
    • Air flow gauge (option is possible only in case of installation frequency converter for dust collector fan. Provides constant flow of air in the system).

    Gostol TST installed many shot blasting machines all over the world. If you would like to know where our shot blasting machines are installed check our references.

    Technical data

    No of cartridges246810121518212427303336
    Total capacity m3/h1600 - 24003200 - 48004800 - 72006400 - 96008000 - 120009600 - 1440012000 - 1800014400 - 2160016800 - 2520019200 - 2880021600 - 3240024000 - 3600026400 - 3960028800 - 43200
    No of valves22446456789101112
    Air consumption m3/h47111518222733384449556066

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