Universality of components of ir sm@rt wheel
Universality of components of ir sm@rt wheel

Users of new and old shot blasting machines of different manufactures have reduced costs and at the same time achieved better results with new ir sm@rt wheel. More and more of our customers confirms that investment in ir sm@rt wheel actually reimburses within a relatively short period. Wheel for shot blasting machine, ir sm@rt is due to its universality and flexibility suitable for all users, for those who have few shot blasting hours as well as for those who blast in three or four shifts.

Spare parts for ir sm@rt wheel are available in three different qualities and in more than 150 combinations of the components materials. Components can be combined among each other, according to the process that is carried out.

Ir sm@rt wheel with its spare parts from Basic quality class is cost effective and reasonably priced for the users that have few shotblasting hours in their production process and use abrasive of low to medium hardness. Basic class consist of wear parts made of high-resistant alloy, which enables classic service interval.

Most of our customers choose Standard quality class, as spare parts are made of high quality tool steel, which are machined and due to precision of parts enable quieter operation and running of the wheel. Spare parts made of tool steel doesn't have porosity and pinholes and also the structure is fine-grained martensite with inclusions of chromium carbides. This ensures extremely long service interval and are more cost affordable than spare parts made from carbide.

To the users who have harder abrasive we recommend Superior class, which has service interval up to 16 times longer and spare parts are made of tungsten carbide – widia. With ir sm@rt wheel, which has components from Superior class is thus possible to shotblast also with very hard abrasive, which was previously considered that it can not be used in the wheel blasting.

In addition to these three different quality classes all spare parts for the wheel are interchangeable, which means that the user can choose and without any changes of the wheel or shot blasting machine, the components can be changed and combined with each other.

When we compare quality and price, we can safely say that ir sm@rt wheel, which belongs to a class of the most technologically advanced and high-quality wheels, is affordable to each user and is the only wheel in this class that has the shortest possible reimbursement time of the investment. For more information and calculations of the reimbursement of investment, please contact Gostol TST sales experts on smart@gostol-tst.eu.