QR app enables you simpler operation of your shot blasting machine
QR app enables you simpler operation of your shot blasting machine

With QR app the management of your shot blasting machine will be easier


It happened to all of us that we needed some information at that moment, but we could not gain it. Either because we misplaced some documents, or the colleague who is responsible for that, was not in the office. We have lost a lot of energy, nerves and time.

Because we know how valuable your time is, we have developed special application that enables you fast and easy access to information.

The main advantages of this application are:

  • All information about your machine are available in one place.
  • Simple use: you need only user name and password.
  • You can access to your data and control the operation of your machine anywhere and at any time.


Application has six modules:

Main data about customer and machine

Data about assembly, measurements and operation manuals

After-sales service department contact information

Information about wheel status (wear of blades and shields, vibration of the wheel)

Service book (information about services and alarms)

Order of spare parts online


How to become a user of this app?


This application is available free of charge to new customers of shot blasting machines and to all our loyal customers, which will replace the wheels with our new ir sm@rt wheels on their existing shot blasting machine.

To access the application we will assign you user name and password with which you can freely access to all the information about your shot blasting machine. In case you want to monitor the state of your wheel (wear of blades and shields) and measure the vibrations you will also need:

  • internet connection between your machine and our server.
  • ir sm@rt wheel