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Choose your shot blasting machine from stock
Choose your shot blasting machine from stock

Choose your shot blasting machine from stock


Why not take advantage of this unique opportunity and buy the machine from stock. We have following type of machines:

Why you should choose shot blasting machine from stock?


  • Delivery in a short time. The machine is already manufactured and available in our workshop, that's why we can deliver you the machine in very short time.
  • Free testing of the machine. In case you don't know which type of machine to choose for your work pieces, we will be glad to help you. Together with our engineers you will find appropriate solution, and also in practice test if the machine meets your expectations. All we need from you are your work pieces, together with you we will do the test and find out if the quality of blasted pieces meets your requirements.
  • Possible upgrade to sm@rt machine. All our machines can be upgraded to sm@rt machine with the installation of ir sm@rt wheel and ir sm@rt valve on them. This will enable you a number of savings, because you will have full control over shot blasting machine.
  • We offer you all our machines on stock for a very special price.


Spinner hanger shot blasting machine VK-1000x1200-Ba

Tumble blast machine with rubber belt GG-150

Rotary table shot blast machine K2-1200


On all machines, also the existing one, we can install ir sm@rt wheel and ir sm@rt valve


It doesn't matter if you have a new one or old shot blasting machine, either from Gostol TST or some other manufacturer, we offer you the possibility of installation ir sm@rt wheel and ir sm@rt valve

ir sm@rt wheel has sensors to control and predict the wear of the wheel, to control the state of the wheel, to plan when spare parts need to be changed and to reduce the amount of spare parts for user.

ir sm@rt valve is characterized by following features: easy replacement of old pneumatic valve, wearing parts are made from wear-resistant material, good price, quiet operation, very good repeatability, sm@rt initialization and sm@rt regulation.