Shotblasting machine for shot peening coil springs - VZ


It is used for shotblasting various types of springs with the method of shot peening, which increase the durability of working pieces, which are exposed to high alternative bending or torsion tensions. Transport type: The flow of work pieces through the shotblasting machine is enabled by purpose transporters. Shotblasting machines type VZ has built necessary number of turbines which has built in frequency convertors to set the outlet speed of abrasive. This indirectly provides adequate shot peening intensity of workpieces surface.

Shot peening of coil springs increase durability of coil springs under dynamic load.
The machine was developed to treat the coil springs with diameter from 100 mm to 450 mm and with weight of individual spring up to 350 kg in one machine, instead of two machines as was usually applied in the past. The Almen test showed very high results.
VZ-C-2 shot peening machine unique features:
• Handling of wide range of dimension from 80 to 450 mm outer diameter, by changing the distance between rollers in the machine automatically.
• Shot peening of heavy cylindrical coils springs by the new developed coil pushing system.
• Individual treatment of each coil spring. The coil springs rotate and are axial move through the blasting zone, so the blasting is optimal for each coil spring.
• Adjustable shot peening parameters set from operator’s panel (frequency inverter on turbines, rollers drive, pushing system drive).
• Data exchange with central computer of production line.
• Special high effective turbines with blades from hard metal.
Solid machine structure, high quality of components (heat treated alloy steel in area of direct impact of abrasive) ensure long service life and low maintenance costs.

technical data

Maximal outer diameter of springs (mm)450
Minimal diameter of springs (mm)100
Maximal length of springs (mm)1600
Minimal length of springs (mm)150
Maximal weight of spring (kg)350
Maximal load to rollers (kg)1050
Number of wheels PEP2
Wheel motor power (kW)37
Shot throwing grid430 kg/minx2 = 860 kg /min
Average shot velocity (m/s)90
Working width – opening (mm)Ø 500
Conveyor speed (m/min)1,5 – 10,0
Arc height specification on Alemen »A«0.4
Ventilation requirment (m3/h)9600
Electric power supply380 V / 50 Hz

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