Anti - corrosion protection lines - P linija


Protection of sheet metal and sections with a thin layer of basic coating in the storage and processing phase, basic colour application before final colour application

Procedure, based on cleaning of rusty surface in free-flowing cleaning machine and basic colouring in the automated colouring chamber, is automated, which provides reasonable economic benefits with large quantities and quality protection. Line in general includes hydraulic loading device, longitudinal cylindrical conveyor, chamber for drying moisture (pre-heating), free-flowing cleaning machine, machine’s dust collection filter, basic colouring chamber with transverse automatic colouring devices, lattice conveyor and a hydraulic unloading device. If technological needs require it, the line may be incorporated into other lines, which combine the following operations: levelling, cutting, welding, final colouring, etc. Subsequent welding and storing material for a prolonged period of time is possible by choosing the adequate basic coating.

technical data

MACHINE TYPEP-1250P-1600P-2000P-2500P-3000P-3500P-4000
Max. Working width for plates (mm)1250160020002500300035004000
Max. Working width for profiles (mm)800120016001800200022002600
Passing height (mm)500450450450450500500
Passing speed ( m / min)0,5-40,5-40,4-2,40,4-2,40,4-2,41-61-6
Total consumption of electrical power (kW)130150250280310500600
Consumption of heat energy (kW)29041052064076018002300
Exhausten air quantity (m3 / h)18000260003400038000420006000075000
Compressed air consumption 6 bar (Nm3 / min)
A - (mm)
B - (mm)
C - (mm)
D - (mm)11121212121414
E - (mm)
F - (mm)33.53.844.24.85
G - (mm)31333535363741
S - (mm)1.251.622.533.54
L - (mm)58626464657075
K - (mm)

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