Tube / Pipe and solid bars shot blasting machine - PC


Continued shot blasting of the corroded layer and filings from tubes’ surface, round sections, gas steel bottles and other cylindrical elements with different types of abrasive, easier and faster cutting and welding of steel semi-finished products with clean surface, multiple increase in durability of surface-protective applications, e.g. colour, enamel, improving structure of the surface of treated objects.

Treated objects move through the machine on conical cylindrical conveyor or on conveyor with askew wheels. Such form of the conveyor provides simultaneous rotation and transition movement of the product through the machine, which is a condition for evenly blasted surface. Turbines made from wear-resistant materials, with power from 5.5. to 30 kW provide efficient and quality shot blasting. The shot blasting part of the machine’s robust housing is protected by wear-resistant shields made from manganese steel. Entry and exit seals chamber with a series of rubber screens keep the abrasive inside the machine. Screw conveyor, an elevator and sand cleaner provide returning and continuing cleaning of the abrasive. Standard equipment includes: PLC Kloeckner Moeller or Siemens, display, automatic or manual mode, automatic start-up of turbines, working-hours counter, variable frequency drive of the cylinder drive, etc. Machines may be built into highly productive lines for basic colour application, including drying chamber, automatic colouring chamber and drying tunnel.


technical data

MACHINE TYPEPC-114PC-120PC-160PC-320PC-500PC-800PC-1200
Max. diameter of tubes (mm)1141201603205008001200
Max. pass speed (m / min)8.791086.23.25.8
Min. pass speed ( m / min)2.62.532.22.521.4
Installed power (kW)1118.53066666666
Type of transportrollersrollersrollersrollersrollersrollersrollers
Machine weight (kg)3100324036004500650074009600

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