Offer questionary


1. Contact person information

2. Blasted material information
Dimensions of blasted materialHeightWidthLengthWeightDiameterWall thickness (ribbing...)
Sheet Metal
Piece Material (castings,...)
1 2 3 shift(s): Shift has hours; Week has days; Year has days; Uptime %
Structure of total amount of blasted material per month
Conditions of parts prior to blasting / peening
Washed Dry Covered with oil/coolant Shavings Sharp Edges Painted/Coated Flashes
Share of sand in/on parts;
Required finish:
Desanding Paint stripping Descaling/Derusting Prepaint finish
Shot peening; ; ; ;
3. Technological Information
Abrasive media which is used or should to be used:
Steel Shot Steel grit Al. Oxide Glass Bead Plastic
Dust collector:
Dust collector? Need to quote: Dry Ex-proof Wet
; Ex-proof; ;
4. Other environment condition for machine and installation
Building layout: ; ; ; With roof closed Only roof
Environment Working Temperature: Min: °C Max: °C Environment average humidity : %
kW; V; E-file layout Danger of floor water
m3min; External phone line (available for maintenance)
PLC request: Siemens Moeller Other
5. Competition
6. Other requirements, suggestions


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